Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Hard Days Night

2015 is rushing by! Thank you for your faithful support. I just read in Matthew how, when we give even a cup of water to one of Jesus' servants we receive the very same reward as that servant! That's a wow! Even better, it is as if we gave the water to Jesus himself. He is pleased.

I want to  be honest, since we know each other pretty well.

When I am busy battling the hellish pain which rules my body 60% of the time, I lose the discipline of writing and work. The last eight weeks or so, along with holidays, have been like that. Hardly anyone reads my writing yet, so I don't have to worry, right?

I do write a little bit during those times, mostly in my journal titled 'How do I feel?' Answering that question is often a torturous plea for the Mercy of God. Along with as imaginative a description of what Central Pain Syndrome feels like. Most don't need to read that. And I try to maintain a correspondence with a few.

My new medical insurance allows me to swim at a private athletic center just minutes from our house. That is helping a lot. I have lost about 25 lbs so far! Please pray for health.

I am continuing work as a volunteer (unpaid) for a few hours at our little research center the Northwest Christian Research Center-NCRC when I can. Jodi works regularly.  I remain passionate in 'the Mission Jesus gave' to preach His Gospel to the ends of the Earth.

Here's what we are working on (just to remind you) if you are interested:

1. Change The Map - A monthly newsletter focused on prayer for Buddhists to hear and receive, called 'Change the Map' it is published by our AG Area Director Mark Durene. Jodi and I are producing it.

2. A new 'Research Toolkit' used by new missionaries as a means of directing their call and ministry toward new Unreached People Groups (UPG'S). The kit is a series of documents which allow for going out doing interviews to learn directly what the people they are reaching think, and hope. Along with that are links to good information. They can dig as deep as they like.

3. I am writing brief People Group Profiles for the website an official  AG site providing information on specific Unreached People Groups being reached.

4. Missionary Launch - We were able to make an offering to a young missionary Julie Van Twerp who is heading to Thailand to be part of a pioneer 'Dawn' team reaching Thai Muslims. That offering helped her complete her budget.

Some future projects we hope to accomplish:

1. World UPG Day - an idea that I want to focus on - get as many churches as possible to feature upg's on a specific Sunday. I  believe there is power in many churches and believers agreeing, giving, and hearing the call. Our hope is that young missionaries preparing to go, and strategies prepared will be given a 'forward charge' impetus for them.

2. Mission Safety/Possibility Rating For Each Country- Just as some organizations rate countries for corruption or transparency,  even persecution,   I would like to do an annual 'Missions Rating' with a score and a brief discussion of each country, how safe it is for missionaries, and how likely it will be to succeed there. This would allow missionary candidates, churches, even companies and governments to understand this aspect of where countries are at.

3. Where are the missionaries? Missions agencies and churches have a pretty good idea at where their workers are (I hope). But comprehensive maps, especially an interactive version, are not available.

These are ideas that will keep us busy for several years. More importantly, is our hope that they will somehow fuel passionate reaching beyond the current church. That has always been our passion. Thanks for joining in!

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