Sunday, December 14, 2014

Family and Holidays - A Big Priority

Merry Christmas!

As I looked over plans for next year I realized that, just as I have been slow trying to 'keep up' with 'ministry' over the past few years, I am still slow in keeping up with myself. I can't do it like I used to. I have to ask God for strength every day, just to get up and (very painfully) get moving.

Yes, for 30 years I have been a recognized minister. And I have always had high hopes, a born optimist. As my first term of ministry on the mission field came to a conclusion in 1998 I was so stoked! I had five job titles because I had five very exciting areas of ministry. Our ministry stretched to 21 countries in Asia Pacific.

But this year we had to focus on a re-start from last year, because it is a battle to try and be on the front lines of God's Kingdom. Think about it. What we want I think, more than anything, is to see powerful prayer focused on large groups of Unreached folks. That is what Satan hates more than just about anything.

So, I looked at the last time I sent out a little Twitter note, November 19th! I have been fighting the pain, family challenges, fundraising, my disability and what that means, and now it is almost Christmas! Wow! I used to be embarrassed when I couldn't keep up with plans. Now I am simply trying to keep some hope.

So, if you read this note please bear with us. I am only allowed to work about 3 hours a day, 3 days a week. Beyond that though I must realize that many days I am not even able to do that much, because like it or not I am not as able as I once was. So God is reminding me: You want to be a man of prayer? I have given you the time and the freedom to pray more than ever before! Don't be discouraged.

I still hope to drop our friends who have encouraged us so much a little note each week. And a few little 'tweets' to pass along things we find interesting each day if possible. I will not give up. Because Jesus never gave up.

Merry Christmas to all (someday)!

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