Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Getting Busy in Ministry

Good Day Friends!

This week has been very exciting. For ten years Jodi and I were part of Peninsular Asia, a group of about 60 missionaries (and our families) working in five pretty tough countries.

This week we have been in touch with two leaders from PenAsia asking us to begin serving much as we did with Southeast Asia Research Center (SEARCH). That is very exciting to us, as we were called and began our overseas ministry in Vietnam.

We are beginning with:

•an Interview Sheet for collecting data and thoughts about what is most important to people. It will also help our workers find best ways to share the Gospel with folks.

•a monthly prayer tool

•a database filled with data on particular projects around the world reaching different UPG's. This database will allow our team members to check for places and people like where they are, with project possibilities to be adapted and used. We were planning to build this anyway as part of our reach the unreached plans.

•Research Sheets for countries, regions, cities, people groups etc. where we have gathered excellent link collections for a worker who wants to dig in to research the area where they plan to work.

•prayer sheets on specific people groups we are reaching or hope to reach on the website:

We are also working on fundraising and getting our office and meetings going! So, Jodi and I are each working about 20 hours each week. I am not allowed to work more than that, so reading fills in much of my time.

We are just excited to have our first client be the team in the place that we love!

Thank You Jesus!


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