Monday, September 15, 2014

What (specifically) do we hope to do?

I have been working on this question for a long time! Because we talked and brainstormed and wrote stuff down. I went to our universities to talk to missionary majors and look together at how we might help them. Then I became overwhelmed at the challenge. Things have changed in missions.

But if we just do our best, and trust the Holy Spirit, we can see the 'lightbulb' pop on, when we are able to pass along something real and important to our young friends. What do I wish they would have told me before I went? Who treated me with such respect that it galvanized my call, just when my call was barely making it! I still remember those things so clearly.

Once a missionary focuses on a specific people, area, and country, by calling or assignment, they want to soak up all they can about those places. Meet the people here at home who have come from where they are going to minister. We went to Vietnamese Christian conferences, and worshipped in our broken Vietnamese.

Those who are scholars dig into what has been written, what has happened if previous movements had sent missionaries into the area of their call. Who were the heroes and who were defeated and why.

So we want to encourage and empower young candidates for the unreached field, along with all who are interested in general. Pastors to homemakers but they want to know how to do more and pray better.

Specifically (to start):

1. Sending 1 to 3 links daily, which lead folks to important and useful news, resource, and background.

2. Send a weekly 500 word blog post highlighting where we are and what we are doing.

3. Maintain a 'Missionary Drudge Report', basically using very similar format and structure, black and white, with three columns of headlines which link to current stories. Filled with great and interesting links to deeply found (not everyday news, but stuff specifically for people interested in 'finishing the task'.)

Next week I'll share a bit more details on how we hope to support our dear friend and colleague as he trains teams aimed at large unreached groups (500,000 +) in Asia.

I'm excited. Jesus is coming soon!

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