Sunday, September 21, 2014

Launch of World Unreached People Day (UPG) and Northwest Christian Research Center because Holy Spirit said GO!

Last night I spent several hours in prayer and finished with a strong gut instinct that it is time to GO, to do what God has called us to do! I kept waiting till my painful syndrome would improve, but the Holy Spirit clearly said,"You will be waiting until I return",this physical challenge teaches and reminds me that he said to Paul, a great missionary with chronic illness "my grace is sufficient for you as my power is best demonstrated in your weakness"!

So here goes, here's what Jodi and I, and a team that Jesus is assembling will attempt:

 The Northwest Christian Research Center is a Center for Professional Excellence in World Missions. We seek to serve bright, young career missionaries who are called to go to Unreached People Groups (UPG's), providing resources, cross-mentoring (learning from each other) and encouragement in every possible form.

 Our simple mission is to:

  Inform - By serving the Body of Christ in raising a clear and focused awareness of the unmet needs of Unreached People.

 INFLUENCE - Individuals, Families, Small Groups and Churches all together building a cradle-to-grave path of commitment to the least-reached in our world.

CHALLENGE -Christian people to a lifelong passion and commitment of influence, expertise and giving for those in unreached groups who need to hear Jesus.

 Our team is also committed to several projects and events to accomplish our mission:

 World UPG Day - On the Sunday closest to 9-21 (today is Nicole's b-day)!!) each year we will challenge churches and believers to emphasize the mission of Jesus to pray, give and go, specifically to those people groups who have not yet heard the Good News.

 A Million Give A Million - We will work every day leading up to World UPG Day to recruit 1 million believers who will commit simply to pray for a specific group each day, give at least $1 a day (the family budget of many unreached people) for this day and more if God leads, to reach a crowdsourcing budget of at least $1 million per year, to help send committed and trained career missionaries to UPG's, and be open to God to take part in finishing the task. PRAY-GIVE-GO!

@CHURCHTWEET-One of the first attempts at providing an online 'church' gathering on a social media platform. CHURCHTWEET will be a missions-focused church, with all of it's offerings used to send young missionaries to UPG's.

 Research Resources - Each week a blog post will highlight important events that effect finishing the task, each day several links will be published using social media, a 'Missionary Drudge Report' (same format as Drudge but currently the 'Missionary Fudge Report'!) will be available to team members with 100 current links to news and other information.

 Finally, our team is prepared to do deep research, such as Cultural Analysis in the Context of Current Events and History to help prepare the young missionaries that we serve.

I hope you can see that we have one focus: Love Jesus so that we can love and serve young missionaries who commit to a specific Unreached People Group, with financial, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual resources to not only help send them, but walking alongside to help them survive many terms.

Here we GO!

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